Mandy Kotzman

Our latest Book:
"Listen to Me, Listen to You, A Step-by-step guide to communicaiton skills training", ACER Press Melbourne 2008. For more information about the book or the authros, click here or on the cover image, or visit ACER's website by clicking here.

This guide, designed to be used in conjunction with the original book, is for people wishing to lead experiential communication skills training. It can support programmes ranging from a short session on a single topic to comprehensive multiple-week course. It provides information and instructions for leaders, as well as supporting materials, worksheets and summary notes for participants.

  • In Australia, from ACER, the publisher  (Click here).
  • In the USA, from (Click here) or ISBS (Click here).
  • In Europe, from the Eurospan bookstore (Click here).

  • Our original book:
    The New Expanded "Listen to Me, Listen to You", Penguin (Australia), Melbourne 2007. For more information about the content and authors, click here or on the cover image.
    This book is about how to get along better, with yourself and othes.
    Available in all good Australian bookstores, and online:
  • In Australia from The Success Centre (Click here)
  • In the USA from (Click here)

  • Interpersonal Skills Training and Personal Life Coaching:
    Offered through Creative Pursuits LLC, my communication skills training provides people with more choice and greater effectiveness in the ways they interact with others (and themselves). These types of skills impact the quality of relationships, which are key to everything from success to happiness. Through life coaching, I assist people to follow through with their intended changes, or discover what they really want and how to go about achieving it. I am passionate about making things happen, and helping others to do the same!

    Check out our proposal for a whitewater play park at Lions Park in LaPorte, Colorado (click here), and send a letter of support via this website.

    My interest in kayaking and love of teaching are combined in my kayak rolling instructional page. See it for ways to improve your paddling skills without leaving the comfort of your living room or back yard!

    The Folly:
    The Folly is a detached extension at my family home in Somers (Victoria). It provides a wonderful "home base" when I am in Australia and a permanent home for belongings with sentimental value. When I am not in residence, it is available for guests and visitors, click here for The Folly's own website.

    Recommended reading:
  • Tony Perry's "On Being Grumpy - Musings of a malcontent" 2007Penguin Group (Australia), Melbourne.
  • Paul Pearsall's "The Last Self-help Book You'll Ever Need - Repress your anger, think negatively, be a good blamer, and throttle your inner child." 2005 Basic Books, NY.
  • Marshall Rosenberg's "Non-violent Communication- a language of life." 2005 PuddleDancer Press, California.
  • Bill Bryson's "In a Sunburnt Country" 2001 Broadway Books.

    For more than 20 years, I have enjoyed designing and building a wide variety of custom woodwork projects. I offer these services to others, as well as undertaking projects for my own home.

    Travel to Australia:
    I am interested in sharing the wonders of Australia (especially landscapes and animals) with small groups of interested people. Although I could potentially take people to any part of Australia, the areas with which I am most familiar are found in Queensland and Victoria. I'd like to play "native guide" for visitors who want to a personalised vacation in the great southern continent.

    Contact me:
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